When You Can No Longer Meet Your Obligations, Do Not Wait Too Long to Declare Bankruptcy

When the numbers no longer add up to you being able to pay your bills, then declaring bankruptcy before you get inundated is the thing to do. I think people hold out too long hoping an impossible situation will get better. If you know something is going to change for the better, then that is different. However, when your work shuts its doors, there is no prospect of still earning what you used to, and you cannot pay all your debts, then calling a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer like we did makes sense.

We wanted to get ahead of the problem instead of exhausting our resources. We did not want to use our retirement investment in trying to pay monthly bills. I was going to cash it out to try and stay afloat for a couple of months. There was not a lot in there. We had no savings to fall back on either. Medical expenses had got us into the position of living paycheck to paycheck, and my company going bankrupt and shutting down without warning sent us into bankruptcy too. We had no idea they were going to go out of business. I went into work on a Monday, and no one was there except us employees wanting to get in. There was a sign on all the entrances.

They did not even have the decency of giving us any notice. There was no announcement or phone call. Nothing was on their website or on their social media pages. They just closed up shop and left town. The computer systems were taken out over the long weekend. With my job gone and my wife still working part time, we did not have enough to pay everything. Plus, there was no other job in the region that was going to pay me what I was earning. Two full time jobs in another industry would barely meet it, and I could only do one of them. I worked hard for 32 years and bankruptcy was my only choice. I am ashamed it got to this, but what else could we do?